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Happy Birthday, Tesla!!

We celebrated in grand style!  THEGIANTBRAIN (TGB) made an appearance at Tesla’s Birthday Party, bringing with it the never-before-seen ENCEPHALON INSUFFICIENCY PROGNOSTICATOR (E.I.P) and the ATTITUDEADJUSTINATOR.  As always, the INQUISITIONATOR was available. THEGIANTBRAIN to provide several healthcare opportunities for the party guests.  The first step was to get diagnosed by the ENCEPHALON INSUFFICIENCY PROGNOSTICATOR (E.I.P).  […]

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THEGIANTBRAIN at SXSW’s Plutopia Party

THEGIANTBRAIN (TGB) made an appearance at Plutopia.  This was the second year that we were invited to attend.  And it was an opportunity for the great unveiling of TGB’s latest technologies; THENEUROLINKULATOR and the MINI-MANY-MIND-MATRIX! Let’s see if I can describe the THENEUROLINKULATOR… You put the device on your head, and THEGIANTBRAIN sucks your brain […]

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