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Monthly Archive for January, 2010

Our Deer Camera was Attacked!!

We’ve been trying to get a good system for watching our deer feeder on camera. It’s really fun to see what kind of animals show up and enjoy the all-you-can-eat corn buffet. Currently we’re using a SkyIPCam500W camera with a power inverter and a car battery. It’s been awhile since this thing has been in […]

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The horse was no help…

We decided that the time had come to replace the mailbox in our neighborhood… every time you opened the door, it would fall to the ground, underneath the car. It had been welded and glued and welded again, yet it’s time had passed. So, we purchased a mailbox and began the surprisingly arduous task of […]

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Happy New Years!!!

We got to hang out with a bunch of relaxed, life-loving, safety-relaxed, people on New Year’s Eve… It started with a few fireworks being shot into the air, then fireworks started being thrown into the camp fire… Eventually, it ended with A BOX OF FIREWORKS (many different varieties…) being thrown into the fire… Giant explosions, […]

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