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Monthly Archive for March, 2009

Antler Head

Antler Head is finished! I carved a big wooden bone, hollowed it out, filled it with electronics and then affixed the Antler Head stone to the wood. I also deepened the grooves of the teeth to make them more pronounced. The eyes are marbles glued to washers. It was important to have translucent eyes so […]

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Woman in …

I’ve been working on a series of paintings called “Woman in…” The purpose of this project is to imagine and paint women in a bunch of different emotional situations. So far, I’ve painted 5 (but only photographed 3) and I have 3 more works in progress that are ready to show and another 3 works […]

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Meet Sardonicus & The Emperor

We have a trail that winds through cedar trees and grass lands and a big hill. The trail is winding and both dark and sun-speckled as sun light filters through the trees. There’s lots of stumps and rocks and perfect places to display art in a dramatic outdoor setting. But outside art needs to be […]

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