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Monthly Archive for February, 2009

Micro RC cars go to Dallas!

I got invited to participate in the Dallas Museum of Science’s Tech Week. We were part of the weekend part of the festivities. So, we packed up, designed some new jousters (the pdfs are at the bottom of the page) and headed for Dallas. It was really neat to get to hang out at a […]

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Magic Screen Machine

J. & I have been working hard on a fabulous new project called the “Magic Screen Machine.” By using gears, stepper motors, a micro-controller and and two ULN2803’s we’ve re-created part of Jeff Epler’s Etch CNC project. This is a multi-step process and we actually made it through the first stage successfully. It all started […]

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I was recently compelled to add blinking LEDs to stone. I had a limestone rock that I carved and it really needed some eyes. I liked how light shines through marbles and wanted a similar effect. But once they marbles are set into stone, the marbles become less shiny. So how can I light them? […]

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