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Monthly Archive for October, 2008

Maker Faire and micro RC Jousting

Update: I won an “Editor’s Choice Ribbon” at Maker Faire!!!! You can read what the editor thought here. Thanks Patti (the awarding editor) & Make Magazine. I’d also like to thank the Academy… er, the Robot Group for their awesome feedback and support and extra RC cars… I also met tons of really great people, […]

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Woman Intense

This is part of my “Woman in…” series. When I painted this, I was thinking about what “intense” would look like. When I think about someone who is intense, I think: -About getting up in somebody’s face. -About having so much energy & emotion, you can’t get the words out. -It’s about burning up. -It’s […]

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Brain painting (for sale)

This painting is about the transitory nature of the brain. How memories, emotions, thoughts and feelings all fade away, or change. But how some things like beliefs or your happiest memory are locked in and seemingly unchangeable. The circles and lines are a chrome silver that is difficult to photograph. There are raised, sculptural lines […]

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