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Goal assessments since 2007

I decided to assess the projects I mentioned from my post in April 3, 2007… to see how much art-related stuff I got done last year. Canceled Projects: [Worry Bugs] Didn’t like the results (sculpture). [Compromise tryptich] Canceled by patron (sculpture). [Muscle Body #2] Lost interest (print). Still In Progress: [Venus 2005] May get finished […]

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I've been training myself to use "micro-goals" (from Julia Cameron's book) to combat the deeply ingrained belief that "one must be in the mood to create." That belief is a destructive lie. So, I've been taking small steps towards productivity by accomplishing tiny goals. For instance, when I'm exhausted at the end of a long […]

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November goals

My goals for the next month are as follows: 1. Finish the paintings “Venus” and “Shattered Woman in Flames” (As of 4/2/7 – did not meet this goal) 2. Add “Compromise” and “Alligator” to my portfolio. (As of 4/2/7 – did not meet this goal) 3. Take photos of the painting “Elle.” (As of 4/2/7 […]

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